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Mists of Mackinac: 
Forgotten Folklore, Fantasy and Phenomena
Joan St.John
Robb Kaczor
About the Author
Several years ago I met Robb, offering me the opportunity to become involved with ghost hunting. My ability as a psychic medium, combined with Robb’s expertise as an international paranormal investigator, and his interest in Mackinac Island made this book a reality.  -Joan St.John-
A psychic medium, author and lecturer, Joan St.John has helped thousands worldwide for over twenty years with her uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those on The Other Side.

Her mission has been woven into her work as a psychic medium which enables her to bring hope and comfort to people by reuniting them with loved ones they have lost, and assisting them to see the options that lay ahead, in their futures.

Robb Kaczor, an international ghost hunter, had his first spirit encounter when he was 14, the night his grandfather crossed over, and came to say goodbye. Since then, his fascination with The Other Side has continued. He seeks to investigate and document sightings worldwide. Robb, founder of Other Side Paranormal Investigations, and owner of Other Side Tours, conducts ghost tours in Mackinaw City and throughout the Midwest.