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Mists of Mackinac: 
Forgotten Folklore, Fantasy and Phenomena
traverse the Island in search of the unexplained and supernatural. 

Joan St. John and Robb Kaczor traveled to various locations on the Island to investigate reported sightings. They have gathered evidence of spirit activity there, so anyone who has ever been curious about the folklore and other stories of the Island will enjoy this book. It even includes a detailed guide on the how-to’s of ghost hunting. 
For the budding enthusiast, Robb recommends some simple rules:
1.Get permission before attempting access to private property. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm.
2.Use the buddy system. This way, if something goes wrong, there’s someone to go for help.
3.Have an escape plan. You will most likely be ghost hunting in the dark, and many actually see or feel a ghost. Panicking will not get you out safely. Always plan an escape route.
4.Dress appropriately. High heels, handbags, capes (yes, capes) or dresses do not work well for crawling around in attics or graveyards.
5.Remain calm and understand what you are getting into. Be mindful that what you may experience could be disconcerting and frightening.
6.Respect the spirits. Not every spirit you may experience will be positive. Taunting, bullying or insulting spirits in order to make them appear is not in your best interest.
7.Be patient. Ghost hunting involves long stretches of doing nothing but sitting quietly and observing. What you do not see on the TV shows is just how many hours of sitting there is, to record one “bump in the night” or unearthly whisper. 
8.The most important thing: Have fun!
Share the experiences of psychic medium Joan St. John as she channels the entities that continue to haunt Mackinac Island. Read about the stories and ghostly manifestations of a variety of places, and follow the how-to guide to make your experience a positive one!
For more information, visit mistsofmackinac.com. To schedule an interview with Joan StJohn contact  info@mistsofmackinac.com.

Press Release
​You do not need to be on TV to experience ghosts for yourself.
“There is a growing curiosity in the paranormal and the belief that there are spirits among us,” says psychic medium Joan St. John, author of Mists of Mackinac: Forgotten Folklore, Fantasy and Phenomena (StarQuest International Inc., 2012). “There are many TV shows that deal with ghosts and other supernatural events; this reflects the public’s interest. Ghost stories are not just for around the campfire anymore. There are many people experiencing spirit activity, and others who are searching for evidence of the beyond.”
Mackinac Island, a popular tourist attraction in Northern Michigan, is a place that is filled with folklore and paranormal phenomena. Mists of Mackinac offers both the novice and experienced ghost hunter the chance to